Container cleared customs, awaiting hearing about being released from the yard. Expecting 1-2 weeks based on what happened last time, who knows, might still release this week. All stools/benches are sold. I'm not planning another order to arrive until February or so.

NOTE: I will NOT be ordering benches again, unless you are already buying a cabinet, or it can be picked up/delivered to California. One shipped through FedEx and showed up with the leg bent and a tear, there's literally nothing I can really do to prevent that. I don't want to deal with it with how unreasonably high the cost of both the bench and the shipping is, its not a risk I'm willing to take.

I've added some Theatrhythm cabinets. I cleared a 15+ person waitlist for the cabinets, either people who ignored the offer or can't order at this time. Do not expect availability on these cabs to be the norm.

Photos for the cabinets I added to the list since the last update will trickle in, expect them to be linked in the first post as I get them. Its a lot of cabs for them to fill photo requests, so it may take a while.

The two containers are scheduled tentatively for November and December. Anything that hasn't been purchased within 1-3 weeks will almost certainly be pushed back to the December container, so please at least express interest and make your offers before then, or they may not come in November for you.

Current sale listings. Available now:

CROSSxBEATS $1,750 x1 - these are getting harder for me to find
DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy - $1,000
Groove Coaster - Offering for interest, currently awaiting a Type X Zero repair and monitor does not work, can fix X Zero and replace monitor, or sell as-is
Gunslinger Stratos - $1,500 x2 - non-compact version, work being done to link support them
Lindbergh $750 x3 1 LEFT - 1L3B, monitor working but has "streaks", probably will want these to be replaced
Noir Full HD $800 x1 - last of the batch, in rougher shape
Project DIVA: Future Tone - $1,750 x4 3 LEFT - VERY robust features/network added, price is going up
SDVX Real Generator - $650 x2 - both have some paper/toner left

Uh, more containers (Spring?):

Border Break $1,000 x5 - pending photos/condition
G-BALANCE - $700 x1
G-BALANCE $450 x2 - bad monitor SOLD
Lindbergh $750 x1 - 1L3B, monitor working but has "streaks", probably will want these to be replaced
Noir Full HD $900 x2
Nostalgia - $1,500 x4, pending photos/condition
SQ - $700 x6 5 LEFT
Tekken 7 Fated Retribution: Round 2 Noir - $1,750 x2, both legit

Vewlix DIamond Black x5 - $3,000
Vewlix Diamond Blue x16 - $1,750
Vewlix Diamond Orange x3 - $3,000
Vewlix F x2 - $1,250
Vewlix FC x4 - $1,250
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival x3 - $1,500
Silent Scope: Bone Eater x1 - $3,000
Project DIVA: Future Tone x4 - $1,750
ポップンミュージック SD x1 - $1,600 (might need to give this to someone else)
reflecbeat x4 - $750
BishiBashi Channel x3 - $2,750 (I will probably hold 1 or 2 for someone)

Black DDR (CRT) - $4,500
Synchronica - $3,500
Taiko no Tatsujin 12 - $3,500
Pokken Tournament - $1,500 (price going up, availability going down, still have a few customers to sell to first)
PRas 3 - $1,750
WACCA - $7,000
Sound Voltex V - $3,500
Pop'n Music HD - $3,750

I mean this. I won't flood this section with all the reasons, but I REALLY will not do it. If you ask, I will politely repeat the above. If you insist to ask knowing the above, I will ignore you. I will only sell candies if they are listed here for sale. I will not hold them for you, and I won't reach out and let you know they will be listed. This rule is absolute. Stop asking.

About Payments:
I generally accept all payments PayPal Friends & Family. I will accept other forms of payment as an exception if you ask. Large payments are worth looking into Wire Transfer; Zelle/Venmo work as well depending. I will NOT accept payments via PayPal Goods & Services or send a PayPal invoice except in extenuating circumstances, and ONLY if you agree to pay the cost of fees, NON-REFUNDABLE. In case of refund, PayPal keeps the fees out of my account. They have rotten seller protection; I keep a good reputation specifically so that there is no need to pay PayPal for theirs. If you send a payment Goods & Services anyway, you will be asked to pay the remainder, and will NOT be refunded the amount of fees for ANY reason.

About Yahoo! Japan:
I do not have a solid policy in place for this, and since it has been a year since I intended to add something, probably won't for a long time. Some general guidelines if you are to ask me though, expect at least a 20% increase on the cost of an auction should we buy something for you, and add domestic/container shipping to the end price. I will not order anything from Yahoo! Japan that is not unusual/rare, or that can be shipped easily via normal means. There are other outlets for common stuff. If something is not obviously rare/unusual, prepare to make a case with me why the item is special. I have VERY limited space per container to order Yahoo! Japan items, since this is only a side thing, and our main business with our distributor is with cabinets they get for us.

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